20 April, 2011

The Hollywood LIE-Factory: Unscrambling The KNOWLES Family -- Hold The Phone! Are These Two Even Really Sisters??

"For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad."
Luke 8:17

Ok, so I read a lot of blogs. I always want to know what people are saying...I enjoy reading people's comments. I could give two poots about what media says or even what the blogger says. I like to know what the word on the street is. That's how you can decipher truth from the lies. Although Beyonce is considered a media darling. The internet proves otherwise. As always, people are talking. One of the biggest things being thrown-around is that Beyonce is lying about her age. People can't understand how she can claim to be younger than Aaliyah and Usher. Things don't add-up. Anyway, I continue my blog browsing and landed on TheTruthAboutCelebrities where the question was raised...

Is Solange actually Beyonce's daughter?

Solange and Beyonce: most definitely related!

So how old is she?
I remember back at the begining of Destiny's Child I thought Beyonce was a beautiful 'woman'. You see, I was maybe 14 when they first came out and at that age you can easily tell who your peers are and who your peers aren't. I, at that time, did not consider her to be my peer. My brother that was 16 at the time, thought she was gorgeous and had a huge crush on her, but again, he did not consider her to be his peer. Fast forward to the Destiny Child drama with the members that ended-up leaving and being replaced. You basically had, from the original group, 2 girls left (Beyonce and Kelly Roland). As shady and scandalous as that ordeal was...fastforward a little more...and a little sister emerges out of nowhere around 2002. This is supposedly Beyonce's little sister Solange. According to other sources in the blogosphere, people are claiming that Beyonce was really born in 1974 according to The Texas Department of State Health. Hypothetically speaking, if she was born in 1974 she would really be 36 or 37. We all know black people age VERY well. We also know what the wonders of a little botox can do. Again, hypothetically speaking if she had a child around age 15 or 16 that would make the child maybe 22. So the numbers could actually work. Well...if that is the case, then who is Solange's father? Well my mind goes directly to genetics. You see, Beyonce looks nothing like her supposed father Matthew Knowles. Guess who does look like him...Solange and Kelly Rowland! This would explain why Solange does not look a ton like her supposed mother Tina. Who does Beyonce look like? Tina Knowles, her supposed mother! Now if Beyonce is 36, hypothetically it would only be a stone's throw to conclude that her supposed mother...could actually be her sister! Again, this is just my brain putting 2 and 2 together. I could very well be wrong, but in Hollyweird nothing EVER is quite what it seems.

Hmmm...something to chew on...

Kelly Rowland (supposed "adopted" sister) and Solange Knowles...look kind of similar.
Solange and her daddy.

Her daddy too??


One thing for sure, there is more to this than what we've all been led to believe.

Apparently, others have seen this as well. I found these comments in blogs/forums:

12 April 2009 17:34
Anonymous said...
It is so readily appearant that Beyounce is miserable. She has to contend with the fact that his is really 37 years old as apposed to being 27. She had a daughter when she was about 15 years old. Her so called father is really her lover and the list goes on. Not to mention the fact that she is a part of the secret society The Black Boule, that is partly responsible taking the Nubian Nation off the path of righteousness. Now don't get me wrong I feel that we as individuals are responsible for our own souls, however we have these Uncle Tom Ni@@as that has pledge allegances to a white supremacy system to keep their own ppl in a state of mental slavery. It is for this reason I can't stand this bytch or Gay-z, 50 cents, kanye West, Lawrence Fishburn, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, That fat skinny bytch Oprah, Will & Jada Pinkett, and lets not forget the King of the dookey stickers Quincy Jones. These are just a few of our Nubian brothers and sisters that have sold their souls for Fame and Fortune. These so called Black Celebrities don't give 2 cents about our plight. They are to busy glamorizing and admiring themselves. Trying to become Deities. I mean, how many damn award shows are these mother----- gonna have. Every damn time you turn around they going to some damn award ceremony. Give me a break. Then they have our dumb azzes rushing home to watch the shyt. (I never watch them) You can cold believe that those award shows you see on tv are not the only ones that they have. Most of them are not televised. These ppl are nothing but devil worshippers. And if we are not careful they will take up with them to hell. LISTEN UP PEOPLE, THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY IS VERY SATANIC. Did yall know that Walt Disney was a known pedophile. Yeah your favorite mouse Mickey was taken Mickie in the bathroom and sticking it to him. Wake up my ppl the hour glass is almost empty. MAY PEACE AND BLESSINGS BE UPON YOU.

12 April 2009 19:01

Anonymous said...
First of all I do not believe that Mathews Knowles is Beyonce's real father. And it has been rumoured by ppl in the know that Beyonce was pregnant when she was very young. And if thats the case and Beyounce really being 37 years old that would make her child 22 years old. I know yall remember when Gabriel Union made that comment about her in Beyounce hanging out together when they were teenagers. Well Gabby is 36 years old and the only way they could have been teenagers together is if they are basically the same age

12 April 2009 19:20

The Knowles Are Dysfunctional said...
@19:20 they are saying on other websites that Solange is Beyonce's daughter. I think the site was weallhateonbeyonce.blogspot.com. That family is hiding something and in a minute they will be exposed. Beyonce is all about image and she wants to be remembered as an icon. The only things she will be remembered for is stealing, killing (people's dreams), and destroy. This woman is the female version of the devil himself. Her father is a fallen angel also. This man is so low down and dirty. I never met a man so obsessed with money (no pon intended) that he will do anything to get it and to have a lot of it. I know he sold his soul a long time ago, way before he placed his young daughter in heels and taught her how to pop her coochie for all the men in the world. Matthew is very shrewd and one day he is going to run into someone who don't take no mess and will put him in his place or in the grave for trying to play CRIME BOSS.

Anonymous said...

"Look, Bey, it's time to face up to the fact that, consciously or not, your mom may not have your best style interests at heart (read: She may secretly hate you)."

Anonymous said...

Let's expose this fake bish Beyonce:
Tina Knowles is not the real mother of Beyonce.
Matthew Knowles is not the real father of Beyonce.
Jamesetta Hawkins is Beyonce real mother.

Anonymous said...


bear an UNCANNY resemblance to one another.

February 2, 2010 2:38 PM

Anonymous said...
@4:31 am
What state was Etta James mansion in. Because this would be why Gabby Union claimed to have been friend with Bey since they were teenagers. We all know that Gabby is 37.
Which brings me to my next point. How was Beyonce able to cover her real age from Letoya, kelly, Latavia and the rest of the Destiny's children. Being in her company for that many years, it seems like they should have known that the bitch is ancient in days.

February 2, 2010 6:50 PM

Anonymous said...
It's really not that hard anon 6:50. You have women that keep their age from their men for years especially if they don't drive which is the only immediate way to get the info from a license which most keep in our purse. One has to go through changes to get birth records. This chick also had the corporation of her family in the lying.
I also read they picked younger girls for the group to help with the lie.

February 3, 2010 8:39 AM

Anonymous said...
The plans that Matthew and Tina had for beyonce was never shared with the other girls of destiny child.
These plans are so obvious now. Beyonce had a red carpet event for her fragrance "heat" and only four people showed up.
Usher, Jay-Z, Michelle and Sheri Shephard. She has no friends. When she need them, they show up. When they need her, she's too busy.
Etta James is really 82 not 72. Tina Knowles birth name is Celestine Ann. She wasn't born Tina Knowles as she states in the press.

February 3, 2010 9:56 AM

Anonymous said...
I wonder if Matthew's babygirl (his new daughter) look like Kelly Rowland?

This Beyonce mess gets weirder and weirder...I'm not even thoroughly sold on "KING B" being entirely female...maybe partially female -- but her look is starting to show 'her' masculine side...
"Such a beautiful liar..."


....I'm interested to see where they're going with this pregnancy stunt. S/he may actually be having a child, but this looked so staged at the MTV VMAs (of all places) it's ridiculous. She should not be showing so soon I wouldn't think...and to be wearing maternity already...I think s/he knows people are onto her...
"quick get pregnant!"...
It honestly looks like a prop to me. There is no affection toward the belly at all. Just the same plastic smile.
this looks phoney-bologna
We will see...I can hardly wait to see...
If s/he swells up like a water-balloon (which s/he should) considering the body-type s/he portrays...I'll agree that s/he's carrying -- but something tells me s/he's about to disappear for a while.


Apparently blogger Sandra Rose isn't buying this sudden pregnancy bull either.


**MEGA-UPDATE** Muahahhahahhh!! LMBO! 10/12/2011


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    1. u know what i thiink beyonce was raped by him because is not the type of person that will fuck with anyone think this is sort of true because i look up half of the peope and they were there and if beyonce was the mother of solange then solange has a great mother and she following her foot steps Beyonce i dont blame u for hiding hings but they always come out love -Ariestanna felder

  2. Beyonce is a grandmother? I can believe it. Nothing about that family is correct. Lot of things out of place. Even Beyoncé's marriage to Gay-Z, their baby, their baby's name. Everything about them is sinister and out of place. Tina looks like a voodoo priestess. By the way Blue Ivy is short for Blueprint 4. Remember Gay-Z created a series of Blueprint albums. Blue IV is Blueprint 4.

  3. None of this is true. Nor does it explain or give any type of imformation on this scandal your blogging about. Let me give you a heads up. Why your speaking horrifically about beyonce. Its sounds to me like your up to scaming and giving out false inconclusive imformation. What you need to do is mind your business and focus on doing you. Because hunny this blog site is looking mighty ratchet. Now i dont hate u. I just wish you could word your words better, you never know someone could get hurt. Like her daughter out there in the world alone.. thank you

    1. You make 0 sense and you don't even have evidence to back up your claim dude!! Where is your mother? lol

    2. You make 0 sense and you don't even have evidence to back up your claim dude!! Where is your mother? lol

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  5. Who ever made this blog bs need to take a big Xanax. First of all Beyoncé is a damn FEMALE and she is a black female we have muscle definition in our body we have it in our arms, legs and booty. Solange is beyonce's sister! It is what it it is Matthew is Beyoncé's FATHER IT IS WHAT IT IS! Beyoncé has that mans ears, eyes and long hawk like nose and face/head shape, his strong smile and teeth and even his dimple on the right side! Only difference is matthew is dark skinned with different eyebrows. Beyoncé has her MOTHER TINA KNOWLES LAWSON'S EYEBROWS which gives Beyoncé her mothers facial expressions! Jewelz is solanges son also. Solange has her mothers nose but longer like Mathew's solange also has Tina's undefined smile and long head She is just skinnier while Beyoncé has her fathers oval/circle head. The only thing that is true AND WHAT I KNOW IS TRUE IS THAT BEYONCÉ HAD AN ABORTION. On destinys child debut album Beyoncé body looked identical to a woman who has carried a child "saggy breast wider hips and SLIGHTLY loose skin" and Beyoncé is telling the true that Jay'z was her first. But I believe they had that first session when Beyoncé was very young around 15. They actually have been dating a while longer than what we publicly know. Jay'z sent jets to pick her up and shop and spend nights with him when she was around 15 and 16 etc. Beyoncé actually was with Jay'z using lyndell as a cover up early on. Jay'z and Matthew knowles NEVER LIKED EACH OTHER FOR THIS VERY REASON. P.s Jay'z is the one who gave her an abortion in her teen years. Matthew tried to keep Beyoncé occupied with her working all the time so she can meet someone else and it worked for a bit when her a Jay'z broke up briefly and she dated Marquez Houston If you watch jumpin jumpin video Marquez Houston is in it but they show him very quickly to make Jay'z jealous But Beyoncé at the same time began being rebellious with her father and fell into Jay'z hands once again that's why she was depressed while with destiny child but it wasn't from splitting up with the girls it was the constant struggle between Jay'z and her father and Jay'z cheating on her as well. But Jay'z won in the end. Solange secretly agrees with her father when it comes to beyonce's relationship with Jay'z hence the fight in the elevator. The only thing that is suspect is Beyoncé's age but I think she is telling the truth.

    1. First off Stan, all Black women do not have muscle tone. Tf are you talking about? You make it seem as if all Black women are some muscle bound amazons. None of the women in my family have muscle tone, as you say. They all have feminine body types. And Beyonce's original nose is nothing like Matthew's, you fucking idiot. Anybody can google old pics of her and tell hee nose was more ethnic and wider. You talking a bunch of shit.

    2. First off Stan, all Black women do not have muscle tone. Tf are you talking about? You make it seem as if all Black women are some muscle bound amazons. None of the women in my family have muscle tone, as you say. They all have feminine body types. And Beyonce's original nose is nothing like Matthew's, you fucking idiot. Anybody can google old pics of her and tell hee nose was more ethnic and wider. You talking a bunch of shit.

  6. This blog is very entertaining. Oh, Buzzfeed and Shane Dawson, the things you lead me to!

  7. Beyoncé come back to South Africa, your mother is crying always when she see you on TV, your real name is Busisiwe. you were born in Dubarn,

  8. this is very wierd and i dont believe any of it

  9. I just happened to come across this blog now. Am not one to comment on these things but what drugs have u n your followers been smoking. You do realize this is an actual person and her family you're making stupid assumptions about. I feel dirty just for commenting but you can't go around posting things like this to gain followers. It's sick n you are bored. Get off the internet and go live your life. You're too young for such negativity. Go cleanse yourself.