21 January, 2011

6 Reasons I Do Not Worship OPRAH

6 Reasons I Do Not Worship OPRAH
  (like the other 95% of the population)

1)  Oprah is NEVER wrong in her own eyes or in the media…which is the biggest red flag.

2)  She falls at the feet of John Travolta and other wacked-out WP the industry proclaims as an “icon” to further push the Luciferic agenda.

3)  She is rich and I am poor. She is ambitious and I am not. Therefore, what can she tell me about my life?

4)  She is PUSHY and abrasive. These are horrible qualities in a person, but somehow people love that coming from Oprah.

5)  She believes she’s her own God and tries to shove that new-age bullshit down the audience’s throat non-stop.

6)  She has a lot of power over brain-dead Americans (which is the majority of America’s “Americans” sadly). She told people who to vote for and guess what?? They did.

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  1. I've never cared this narcissistic bitch! She really hates the fact that she's Black! Demonic hoe!