19 April, 2011

The Hollywood LIE-Factory: BLACK SWAN

dancer Sarah Lane

   I've gone back and forth on whether I would post on this movie or not.  I've done ballet here and there on and off since I was around 13 years old.  I've never been even close to professional status, but I have always enjoyed this form of dance.  It is harder than it looks and very time intensive.  I know this firsthand.   Hence, the reason posting about Black Swan actually means something to me.  I saw the movie and I pretty much hated it.  To put it plainly, it was not seamless.  I could tell Natalie Portman wasn't a dancer.  Besides that, the storyline was just...dull.  I get that they tried to be all cuting-edge with their lesbianism and evil crap...but it's played-out and it just sucked.  Even with as keen as my eye can be towards seeing symbolism  -- I stilll know a good movie when I see one and this was not one of them.  This year seems to be the year of Natalie (Zionist) Portman.  I’ve never cared for her, so maybe that’s another reason the movie sucked.  At any rate, the woman that did the majority of the dancing for Portman (Sarah Lane) is coming out and saying production asked her to lie.  They wanted this woman to perpetuate the lie that Portman’s dancing skills in the movie were a result of her training for a year.  I think the public reaction to this (as always) is pro-Hollywood and the propaganda machine.  However, I see that the more intelligent thing to gather from this is THEY ARE LYING.  I know they are lying, because dance is the ONLY reason I decided to watch the movie at all.  All of the dancing I saw was indeed the body-double.   You have people defending Portman and her camp left and right.  Why??  Because people LOVE the lie.  How sad is that?  A woman that has worked her entire life to dance with such grace and beauty and she is supposed to accept a LIE for the sake of someone’s vanity?!  I can see why she is outraged.  Yet, there are still people that feel just in condemning her for exposing those blood-sucking LIARS in Hollywood.  Go figure.

This is the article from the Huffington Post.

professional LIAR, Natalie Portman

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