27 January, 2011

My Stance: PoliTRICKS and The Obamanation Administration

One thing that really gets under my skin is when people assume just because I’m black and in my 20s that I voted for and support Barack Obama.  I’ll admit a slightly narcissistic side of me loves seeing a black family in the Whitehouse.  I’m just being honest, the look of it is a refreshing change of pace.  However, the mass hysteria that ensued over this one man baffled my mind.  I still cannot believe how fanatical people were and still are about this man.  A man full of promises, rhetoric, and the same bullshit as any white man before him.  Who cares if he’s the first colored person to be president?  It’s ridiculous, because blacks didn’t prove shit by voting for him besides how gullible we are and how a lot of us don’t think for ourselves.  So what if your favorite entertainer endorsed him?  You think those people in the public eye have nothing to do with shaping this country by INFLUENCE?!  I look at pics of people like Jay-z and Beyonce in the Whitehouse  and I think..”WOW no one thinks this is ummm..unprofessional or atleast odd??”  No one thinks it’s odd that Arnold Schwarzenegger is the governor of California, or that an ACTOR Ronald Reagan was the US president, or that there is an undeniable Hollywood/government connection.  I think back to the election hoopla and how people were CRYING and PASSING-OUT like nothing I’ve ever seen before!  Furthermore, I was astounded that even after the way the government handled us blacks during Hurricane Katrina that many of us STILL had faith in the system.  People were dying on TV in live time!  Yet and still we buy into this system.  People naively thinking a vote is going change something.  ESPECIALLY after Katrina – come on!  A vote didn’t get Al Gore in the Whitehouse during the 2000 election did it?…and he technically won the election!  I wish people would wise-up instead of following the person directly in front of them.  Be an individual for God’s sake.  That’s just my take on it, so if we ever meet and you want to talk politics I will have to tell you that I just don’t give a fuck anymore.  It’s already been decided for us and you are most likely aiding the process...I’m a reformed hard-core Democrat.  It’s never too late to stop buying the lie.  Better late than never.


  1. I agree with you 100%. However if you would like comments on this blog, u need to take that word verification shipping off!