08 April, 2011

I was "Petted" infront of everyone at a meeting today... like LIVESTOCK.

Yes, like livestock. 
I resent constantly being called "girl" or "girly" by superiors in my work enviroment--when I'm damn near 30 years old.  Let alone when people put their hands in my hair like I'm an animal! Obviously, they think they are showing me some sort of token kindness like... "look at me -- I'm gonna touch it and I'm not afraid of it" or "I want to see how this hair feels for myself, because I have the right to."
I grow increasingly tired of biting my tongue for purposes such as keeping my job.  I'm not so deperate for social acceptance that I will ever see this treatment as friendly, nor will I ever reconcile it as being something indearing.  It is INSULTING and disrespectful to say the very least.  It's only one of those subtlties of white supremacy that is always swept under the rug.  I'm sure she was unaware of the offense, but that doesn't mean she should be any less accountable for her actions.  Ignorance is bliss for a lot of people that think they are soooo 'accepting' of black people.  It's called respect and it's funny how it's mandatory that I show it -- yet totally optional for others.   Can you smell the hypocrisy?

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