01 April, 2011

Ignorance -vs- Stupidity

For some odd reason when I say the word "ignorant", be it an internet forum or in person.  The recipient often seems to act as if I called them stupid or something.  I cannot wrap my head around why someone would choose to get offended because they do not know something.  By saying "ignorant" one is inferring .."Hey, I don't think you're stupid -- I just think you are ill-informed."  I'm ignorant of things too!  All human-beings are..

It's after the use of the word ignorant the person predictably resorts to being defensive and obviously blocking whatever I say as if it is no longer relevant to them.  Now that is stupidity at it's finest.  Not only is that person ignorant, but NOW they have proven themselves to be STUPID as well. 

Are our egos so fragile that we as people can't hear someone out because of hurt feelings and semantics? 

People need to get over themselves...for real.

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