26 January, 2011

Lookout Link: Hermaphrodites in Hollywood

Megan Fox
It’s been said time and time again, but not all that glitters is gold ladies! Sometimes we unfairly compare ourselves to celebrities that “appear” quite perfect but may be far from it. I think that in due time all these superficial illusions will EXPOSED as what they really are. We are at a time where all things hidden will soon be in plain sight. In terms of beauty in the media there are a lot of expectations we set for ourselves against false images of beauty. On the surface level you have Hollywood with their fake boobed, botoxed, super-leggy, stick-thin, blondes and your Nicki Minaj’s. We know that those images are fake. Then you have your photoshop and all of that jazz. These are things we’re constantly on the look-out for, but what if there were more pertinent things we gloss-over and miss? Take Megan Fox, for example, she is considered the epitome of beauty these days. No one seems to take into account the fact that she has practically 0% body fat, unusually strong features, heavy eyebrows, surgically corrected face, and no hips. Yes, she is pretty, but could she possibly be a he…or something beyond what we choose to perceive? I honestly really like Megan Fox. I’ve seen a couple of her interviews and she seems like a really fucking cool person to kick it with. I have no reason to say this besides to tell people maybe you’re comparing yourself to something other than what you are.  It is like comparing apples to oranges! In this world there are actually more than 2 sexes that exist. There is a third sex and it is typically referred to as “hermaphroditism”. It has been medically documented many, many times over – so I’m not pulling this out of my ass. Who are they?  We don't know for sure because that is that person's bussiness.  However, what if…just what if…you have unattainable standards because you keep comparing apples (yourself) to oranges (the other). Hollywood seems like the perfect place to embrace such androgeny and sexual misrepresentation.  It's pretty much known for it.  I dunno ya'll…just my thoughts.

Above is a link to a strange blog I found a few months back. You can dismiss it as bullshit – but never the less it will start to make you think and question some of the people you may have been comparing yourself to.  Just how deep does this rabbit hole go?


ANTM's Jaslene

Hollyweird indeed!