31 December, 2010

Advice: Stretching Hair Short Notice

I’ve found that stretching your hair with short notice IS possible. After I attained a little length I soon learned that your hair has got to be prepared before you go to sleep to make your routing in the morning a breeze. Otherwise you will be dealing with a squashed/matted mess. I wouldn’t say that I am a shrinkage-hater, BUT for the most part I do not like it. It makes my preparation just that much more drawn-out if you ask me. It’s that same aspect of natural hair that actually allows us so many styling options, hold, and structure….so I can’t complain too much about it really.  However, if someone says to you at 3:00 let’s have dinner at say..8:00 (& your hair is a little drawn-up), but you don’t get off of work until say 4:00 – THERE IS HOPE. You can still achieve an “out” style.


*This has got o be done on previously DRY (second-day hair at the freshest – for kinky girls).

*You will need oil/water combo spray, a cream moisturizer, some gel, a detangling comb, a tali-comb with wide teeth and a blow-dryer


*Mist your entire head with the oil/water combo just to dampen it(DO NOT OVERSATURATE)

*Rub a nice amount of moisturizer in palm and distribute as evenly as possible (This should make hair moist, but not “wet“

* Apply some gel to a section of hair an detangle section by FAT section.

* Let those fat twists set for a while (do your makeup or find what to wear…)

*When the direct surface of the twist feels dry (which should not take long if you used all products in moderation) GENTLY UNRAVEL the twists

* Grab the blow-dryer and use the “cold shot” button on the warm setting.

*DO NOT let-up off of the ‘cold shot’ and go over entire head

*Take each unraveled twist stretching it and drying it with the blowdryer.

*Leave the slightest bit of moisture in your hair (I mean SLIGHT or your hair will shrink at dinner)

*Gently apply your oil…I use EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)

*Then seal with whatever you normally use (I love CASTOR oil)

There you have it – stretched hair…with short notice.

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30 December, 2010