15 April, 2011

Quick Review: Egypt = AFRICA not Arabia or Europe

Do people STILL seriously think that the ancient Egyptians were a European race of people? 
I'm just curious because I am flabbergasted that people may actually still think this.  I see people defend this point to the death on the internet and it's like...is there is a certain time in which COMMON SENSE should play a factor in one's thought process?  I'm not going to go into it too much, but really...when does common sense finally kick-in for some people?  Get off of your highhorse. First off, everyone knows Hollywood is a LIE-factory that showcases PROFESSIONAL LIARS they call "actors".  Caucasians (Esau) -- I know for the most part, a lot of them are used to getting credit for everything that involves anything really...
I know it's a hard pill to swallow, but swallow it... Egyptians were NEGROID in race.  All because you persist doesn't make it true.  All because you have a quote doesn't make it true.  All because you have a Esau authored history book doesn't make it true.  Finally, all because you saw it on the Jew owned History Channel, again...doesn't make it true.  I don't even have to prove a thing.  It proves itself.  Europeans do not even look the part.  Their skin couldn't even tolerate Africa if they were an indigenous people.  They do not conduct themselves in a royal manner, be it at their worst or even at their best behavior.  They don't dress the part, their customs and stylings have never been on par with Africa/Egypt.  You don't need scientific proof for common sense.  Truth IS the evidence.  It's the lie that relies on outside confirmation.  The only reason this concerns me as a Hebrew, is because this deception is a stumbling block for my people.  Black people cannot understand the Bible because in their heads all of the characters are white, therefore they close their minds to their own identity as Israelites.  The bible is a black history book.  Egyptians were also black skinned people.  This is the reason Israelites were constantly confused for Egyptians in the Bible.  I'll leave you all with some pictures to consider...

Seems Plausible:

Seems PHONY:

Give it up already, because I assure you caucasians are the only people still buying that rubbish.  Not because they have any "proof", but soley due to stubborn PRIDE.

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