11 April, 2011

Warning: Stop Getting Hung-up on Symbolism

Do not be fooled!
Apocrypha, Ecclesiasticus 3

3:23 - Be not curious in unnecessary matters: for more things are shewed unto thee than men understand.

3:24 - For many are deceived by their own vain opinion; and an evil suspicion hath over thrown their judgment.

3:25 - Without eyes thou shalt want light: profess not the knowledge therefore that thou has not.

Getting hung-up on symbols is a  VERY slippery-slope.  I am very aware of MK and illuminati symbolism and I am so very tired of it.  I don’t usually blog about symbolism because there are a ton of blogs  like Vigilant Citizen and Pseudo-Occult Media that do a fantastic job of showing people quite honestly.  My eyes were opened years back and I went through phases of looking for it, seeing it, attempting to ignore it, and finally seeing it without the flickering back and forth.  I accept that it is indeed there and that lets me know to stay on my toes.  Read the Bible and pray for understanding.  The biggest problem with these symbol-hunting folk, is that they are so busy hunting symbols that they can’t see the big picture.  People will never get an understanding of Bible prophesy as long as they are busy playing 'Where’s Waldo' and blogging about what they found in a movie.  Ok, it’s there --- people see it…now what?!  Learn the truth and read your Bible.  Strengthen your spirit, feed yourself with truth, keep going and going until you can't anymore.  Don't stop on symbols!  These sinister folk love us devoting time to their pathetic symbols.  It further advances their cause.  My bf and I watch a lot of movies.  Our first date, so to speak was a “movie night”.   He rented Disney’s TANGELD a few days ago.  As a former-Disney-head, Disney is something that had a hold of my thinking as a child.   I’m fully aware that I was programmed heavily with their “dream a dream / wish upon a star / no pain no gain / poor gentle beast” bullshit.  It took many years of stepping aside from that programming and allowing The Most High to deprogram those intricacies and to cleanse me of the hypnotism to see life for what it is instead of from "Wonderland".  Nevertheless, I watched the damn movie…as a child I loved Rapunzel.  I wanted that long blonde hair (someone I'd never-ever be or look like).  Let me tell you…this movie is TANGLED alright.  It is Satan in a jello cup.  Don't let Disney raise your children.  It's like a cancer.  One minute into the movie they have already started with the sun-worshiping Babylonian non-sense.  By the end of the movie everyone is literally dancing around in a huge sun on the ground.  The whole damn story is about the SUN and MAGIC.  It will have kids singing the songs from these movies and planting these themes in their little heads.  It's so sickening…and the storyline was lame..I guess because Disney could give 2 shits about how interesting it actually was.  It's so sad that companies such as Disney take a vulberable child and immediately begin to pour their satanism and esotericism into their psyche.  It is truly sick. 
At any rate, I just wanted to say that seeing symbols will only get you so far.  Can you actually see the big picture?  Do you see just how crafty these evil people are?  Do you understand now what your soul is up against?  Do you now realize your only way out of this mess?
Do not stop learning what's going on in this world by playing a neverending game of 'eye-spy', otherwise what is your point??

bad things depicted as kind or good

reoccuring paganistic themes

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