28 January, 2011

More Animal Dieoffs: Penguins In MOURNING Over Death of Chicks

Yes, animals are still dropping dead for no apparent reason.
Check out this article.  It's so incredibly sad...

27 January, 2011

My Stance: PoliTRICKS and The Obamanation Administration

One thing that really gets under my skin is when people assume just because I’m black and in my 20s that I voted for and support Barack Obama.  I’ll admit a slightly narcissistic side of me loves seeing a black family in the Whitehouse.  I’m just being honest, the look of it is a refreshing change of pace.  However, the mass hysteria that ensued over this one man baffled my mind.  I still cannot believe how fanatical people were and still are about this man.  A man full of promises, rhetoric, and the same bullshit as any white man before him.  Who cares if he’s the first colored person to be president?  It’s ridiculous, because blacks didn’t prove shit by voting for him besides how gullible we are and how a lot of us don’t think for ourselves.  So what if your favorite entertainer endorsed him?  You think those people in the public eye have nothing to do with shaping this country by INFLUENCE?!  I look at pics of people like Jay-z and Beyonce in the Whitehouse  and I think..”WOW no one thinks this is ummm..unprofessional or atleast odd??”  No one thinks it’s odd that Arnold Schwarzenegger is the governor of California, or that an ACTOR Ronald Reagan was the US president, or that there is an undeniable Hollywood/government connection.  I think back to the election hoopla and how people were CRYING and PASSING-OUT like nothing I’ve ever seen before!  Furthermore, I was astounded that even after the way the government handled us blacks during Hurricane Katrina that many of us STILL had faith in the system.  People were dying on TV in live time!  Yet and still we buy into this system.  People naively thinking a vote is going change something.  ESPECIALLY after Katrina – come on!  A vote didn’t get Al Gore in the Whitehouse during the 2000 election did it?…and he technically won the election!  I wish people would wise-up instead of following the person directly in front of them.  Be an individual for God’s sake.  That’s just my take on it, so if we ever meet and you want to talk politics I will have to tell you that I just don’t give a fuck anymore.  It’s already been decided for us and you are most likely aiding the process...I’m a reformed hard-core Democrat.  It’s never too late to stop buying the lie.  Better late than never.

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My Stance: Why I'm Not A "Music-Lover" Anymore.

I’m not really sure how or when exactly but for some reason in the late 90s rap FELL-OFF. A lot of the modern hipsters and “hip-poppers” as I like to call them, were too young to remember just how decent (talent-wise) it used to be. Music in general has turned to absolute trash. In the early 2000s I started referring to bands like Nickelback as “lyrically challenged”. Little did I know Nickelback would sound pretty good compared to bands like 3OH!3 -- I’ll admit that I do like some pop music to a certain extent, but overall it is the bad cholesterol clogging-up the possibilities of today’s youth. Music is a very powerful thing. A song as simple as “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” can leave it’s imprint for a lifetime. My problem with music on the whole is the fact that the main one’s ingesting it are the ones that can’t handle it. I’m at an age and in a state of mind that music (especially this crap they pass-off as music) doesn’t affect how I live my life in any way. Plus, I have my childhood to look back on and I have better times to look back on. I was reading somewhere on a thread where this guys was talking about how only the elderly are able to see how shitty everything has become. It pretty much snuck-up on everyone else…lol

I’ll leave you with a few of my sentiments on today’s music:


I decided to just say “rappers in pink” because it isn’t my intent to make gay people feel like I have a problem with them or anything. However, I do have a problem with the fact that the people that control the industry are attempting to destroy the foundation of the black community with all of these under the radar gay shit in hip-POP and R&B. A la Trey Songz, Jamie Foxx, P Diddy, and Kanye etc. Half these freaking hip-POPpers and R&B crooners disregard/degrade black women, like dudes, like chicks who look like dudes, like chicks who ARE dudes, or go for white girls. This isn’t some bitter rant that’s just springing from me without basis. I can’t say that I’ve ever dated a black guy. It just never happened, I have my guesses why, but that's besides the point. I just know what I see. I can tell you the entire construct of hip-hop and R&B right now with all the metro-sexual and homosexual undertones is quite damaging to the psyche of the young black male. It bothers me, because although my man is not black..I have black brothers, father etc... It annoys me that we ignorantly eat up what the industry pushes out. These are my young brothers and sisters I see falling prey to this homo-indoctrination and it can’t help but perturb me. I am not homophobic by any means -- but this is not a good example at all.

I am sick, sick, sick of the entertainers popping-up and acting like they’re all unique and shit. They are all image, image, image and not talent, talent, talent. There was a time when chicks like Gwen Stefani, Shirley Manson, and Bjork were the shit because they were indeed unique and uber talented! Now we have all of these knockoffs like Katy Perry, Rhianna, and Nicki Minaj acting like the invented styles they know good and well they stole from other people. It’s annoying because this is what music has come down to – who’s more purposely outlandish? A total circus!


I’ve never liked what I call “bandwagon” entertainers. A la Lil Wayne, Justin Beiber, Black Eyed Peas (the Fergie version), Lady CaCa, Ricky Martin (back in the day LOL)and Britney Spears. Besides the obvious lack of talent and originality, you have oversaturation. I can’t take turning on the radio and hearing the same 10 people over and over again.


I’m not in kindergarten, so songs entiled: “Laffy Taffy”, “Black and Yellow”, “No Hands”, or “Stanky-Leg” do not appeal to me. I’m grown and that is just stupid and shouldn’t be considered music at all. There’s no other way to describe it. It dumbs people down and it’s just plain annoying.

I used to consider myself a music-lover, but those are the days of old, I’m now a music-liker at most and I’m not so sure how accurate that is in 2011.


MY YouTube PLAYLIST (what I listen to now)

26 January, 2011

Lookout Link: Hermaphrodites in Hollywood

Megan Fox
It’s been said time and time again, but not all that glitters is gold ladies! Sometimes we unfairly compare ourselves to celebrities that “appear” quite perfect but may be far from it. I think that in due time all these superficial illusions will EXPOSED as what they really are. We are at a time where all things hidden will soon be in plain sight. In terms of beauty in the media there are a lot of expectations we set for ourselves against false images of beauty. On the surface level you have Hollywood with their fake boobed, botoxed, super-leggy, stick-thin, blondes and your Nicki Minaj’s. We know that those images are fake. Then you have your photoshop and all of that jazz. These are things we’re constantly on the look-out for, but what if there were more pertinent things we gloss-over and miss? Take Megan Fox, for example, she is considered the epitome of beauty these days. No one seems to take into account the fact that she has practically 0% body fat, unusually strong features, heavy eyebrows, surgically corrected face, and no hips. Yes, she is pretty, but could she possibly be a he…or something beyond what we choose to perceive? I honestly really like Megan Fox. I’ve seen a couple of her interviews and she seems like a really fucking cool person to kick it with. I have no reason to say this besides to tell people maybe you’re comparing yourself to something other than what you are.  It is like comparing apples to oranges! In this world there are actually more than 2 sexes that exist. There is a third sex and it is typically referred to as “hermaphroditism”. It has been medically documented many, many times over – so I’m not pulling this out of my ass. Who are they?  We don't know for sure because that is that person's bussiness.  However, what if…just what if…you have unattainable standards because you keep comparing apples (yourself) to oranges (the other). Hollywood seems like the perfect place to embrace such androgeny and sexual misrepresentation.  It's pretty much known for it.  I dunno ya'll…just my thoughts.

Above is a link to a strange blog I found a few months back. You can dismiss it as bullshit – but never the less it will start to make you think and question some of the people you may have been comparing yourself to.  Just how deep does this rabbit hole go?


ANTM's Jaslene

Hollyweird indeed!

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24 January, 2011

21 January, 2011

Clicked Pic of The Day: My SUPER CUTE 3 Year Old Niece!

She's all natural...I hope her mommy keeps her that way :)

Rockafeller Comfronted in Chile Airport

"Your world government will FAIL and we don't want you here!"
Wow..that surely takes some guts!

6 Reasons I Do Not Worship OPRAH

6 Reasons I Do Not Worship OPRAH
  (like the other 95% of the population)

1)  Oprah is NEVER wrong in her own eyes or in the media…which is the biggest red flag.

2)  She falls at the feet of John Travolta and other wacked-out WP the industry proclaims as an “icon” to further push the Luciferic agenda.

3)  She is rich and I am poor. She is ambitious and I am not. Therefore, what can she tell me about my life?

4)  She is PUSHY and abrasive. These are horrible qualities in a person, but somehow people love that coming from Oprah.

5)  She believes she’s her own God and tries to shove that new-age bullshit down the audience’s throat non-stop.

6)  She has a lot of power over brain-dead Americans (which is the majority of America’s “Americans” sadly). She told people who to vote for and guess what?? They did.

Foolery of The Day:

So many things wrong with this picture!

20 January, 2011

Clicked Pic of The Day:

I wasn't sure if this was a photograph or a painting...but I think it's a little of both.

True Nation of Israel (Black People) are a Nation of SICK People (mentally and physically)

Dance Hall Artist Vybz Kartel Bleaches Skin, Says It Is Equivalent to Tanning!

All I can say is WOW. Just WOW.
and on the same note...

Is this even the same person?! Omg
Bleach and a perm! Sammy Sosa...

This is not Paris Hilton...it's Lil Kim!

Lookout Link: Why Society is So Backwards

The guys who started this thread just about said it all!  I don't know why people on the whole don't think more like this.  Like I've said....seems like common sense, but people can't get past science, technology, sex, and excess to see things the way they truly are: CLICK

Yes, these kids are extremely skilled.  However, I've danced on and off from age 10 up to 27...I've STILL never been in a routine this explict.  It shows the CLEAR degradation of society.  I'm always in complete disbelief when I witness things such as this.  It is sickening.
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