25 April, 2011

Secret Society BLACK BOULE - aka - "The Talented Tenth": with a non-black reader in mind.

The Black Boule: Privilage

To bring a clear understanding of who the Black Boule are, you first have to understand the terms, "field negroe","house negroe", and "Uncle Tom".  The first two  terms were coined because, although BOTH were slaves to the white man during slavery-times.  One held himself above the other.  The house negroe still had shitty living conditions and treatment however -- since they were typically half white or even the offspring of the plantaion owner they had better digs and food than the darkies.  Yes, us "field negroes" kept it as real and endured torturous days in the field and ate pig scraps for dinner if we were lucky. "House negroes" spent their days and nights kissing ass and licking-up the dirt from the plantation owner's feet.  Now, not all "house negroes" had a superiority complex over the "field negroes" but most did.  It was the plan from the begining to pit black slave against black slave to maintin white supremacy.  Where there is bickering; there is no unity.  When there are class levels; there can be no unity.  The white man knew this and controlled us with it.  Is this begining to look or sound familiar? If you have time check out the Willie Lynch letter.  This will give more insight to the psychological warefare waged against blacks since the begining of slavery.

I will go straight to URBAN DICTIONARY to define "Uncle Tom".  There is no need to go into the whole regurg of who wrote the book Uncle Tom's Cabin...it's critiscisms or anything because I really don't care.  This is what the term means at this day and age.

1. Uncle Tom

A black man who will do anything to stay in good standing with "the white man" including betray his own people

Now, the "Uncle Tom" isn't neccesarily light-skinned.  The "Uncle Tom" is the black man who is willing to do ANYTHING not to be considered as lowly as us darkies (field negroes).  Keep in mind we are all in the same boat, but these are the people that are trying to 'jumpship' for a better quality of life.  Sell-outs.

In a modern sense, this is still very prevailant.  You have to consider all venues in which a black person excells in the United States.  The brainwashed black person is quick to say everything they have is due to hard-work and a good education, but it's not.  It's due to a sucessful network of sell outs.  That brings us to black fraternities...

There are nine historically Black Greek letter organizations (BGLOs) that make up the National Pan-Hellenic Council. Collectively, these organizations are referred to as "The Divine Nine." Each of these fraternities and sororities is rich in history - ties to one or more of these organizations may be found in many college-educated Black families in the United States.
info from: Black Greek.com

founding Boule members

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Founded 1906, Cornell University
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Founded 1908, Howard University
Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Founded 1911, Indiana University
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Founded 1911, Howard University
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Founded 1913, Howard University
Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Founded 1914, Howard University
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Founded 1920, Howard University
Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Founded 1922, Butler University
Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Founded 1963, Morgan State University

Now you can see there is a web of black people that are essentially "Uncle Tom's"....obviously willing to go through the 'white' way to grab some spoils.  They believe they are special and chosen.  When in reality they are sell-outs.  What do they sell?  GARBAGE on all fronts...propoganda.

This is where you get your successful black politicians that don't care about black communities, black bussinessmen that don't support black bussiness, black actors that portray stereotypes and cross-dressers, black actresses that portray whores, black doctors that prescribe big buck PHARMACEUTICAL$, and black lawyers that lie to make a living etc...

These people are AMBITIOUS.  Not a good quality in the eyes of The Most High.  It is utterly detestable!  The bottom of the barrel.  These are the lowly scum that mascarade as the black community.  They are just SPIN.  If you know a black person on a one-on-one basis you will notice our personal behavior is not in line with the perpetuated stereotype. 

This raises two more questions:

"How did they get into such an elite clique?" 
"Well then... why do a lot of black people still collectively act stereotypical manner?"

First off, they don't have to be from a frat or sorority...that is just one branch of the network.  These people do some despicable and homosexual acts in secret to seal the deal.  That's how they prove they are in it for the long haul.  The knowledge of their nasty deeds is the black-mail to keep their asses in check.  That's why you see so many black actors/actresses/singers looking a bit on the fruity or butch side.  They swing both ways.  They are shrewd and ruthless.  In the entertainment industry, these Boule members only produce material that degrades black people (their own).  They undermine the black community from within like a cancer.  This causes the young and impressionable to act in a predictable way (herd mentality) making them easy to control..Most black people are none the wiser of their real agenda.

Well...It's not hard to recognize a status-seeker. 

Boule are always SEEN :
...criticizing the black community they've turned their back on
("pick yourself up by the bootstraps" BS)
...on tv, movies, and radio (of course)
...making millions/ billions.
..."donating" to "charities"
...attending upperclass galas
...cross-dressing in movies
...perpetuating stereotypes
...flapping their gums on Oprah
...they tend to "come from a long line of WHATEVER."
...often seen on the Forbes list


These people don't represent me or anyone else I know!



  1. Hi friends,
    The pictures are wonderful.you have such nice and interesting pictures and memories.I have enjoyed reading your blog. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often… Thanks


  2. "Yes, us "field negroes" kept it as real..."

    What do you mean "us filed negroes" kept it real? Did the field negroes have a choice?

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  4. Grow up. You're not slaves anymore, you have more rights than most white people, yet still you piss and moan. Please just shut the fuck up about your racist bullshit ideas and do us all a favor and try to just be an American for a change. I don't owe you anything at all. If you're not happy here now, you are free to go back to wherever you think you need to be and leave this country to those black and white and yellow and red people who love this country and what it stands for.


    2. Both of you exhibit the deep dark roots of America. So afraid to sit and understand the other and why the raw emotions towards one another's issues exists and must be expressed in such a manner. One love

    3. LaMarci you are so right! Thanks for your insight.

  5. Bob, you're clueless... That "try to be an American" thing killed me... We never asked to be Americans; we were brought here forcibly, to work for free, our blood and sweat building up a country that never belonged to us. Building a country on land the Anglo-Saxons stole in the first place from the Native Americans... The only thing I'm trying to be is God's Child and a success in my own right. Whitey didn't do my people any favors, so kindly be quiet & have several seats... Thanks!!

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  6. I happened upon your blog, I love it!! Thanks

  7. I agree with you mostly on the ideology of house negro and field negro aspect, however I dont agree about the divine 9 aspect. I dont think D9 organizations are built on the idea of being a better man or woman than a person outside of the organization, however i do believe they are trying to make you a better person in your own eyes. Do you need to be in a greek org. to be a great man or woman? No is my answer, however I do believe that greek orgs do give you the social skills to be successful in life. That doesnt mean you are better than the next it simply means you are prepared for society. I also believe that D9 orgs. give you bonds with other men and women that you would've never had those bonds with if it wasnt for the frat. meaning it helps you meet other black men and women that you may not have a common interest in besides the frat, which in result provides you with a branch for networking. I am a member of KAPsi i am a NUPE and i love the bruhs, my college experience was amazing and wouldve never seen the things i saw or gone the places ive gone nor done the things ive done with out the frat. So to you brother, i wouldnt discourage the D9 and classify us as uncle toms because most of us go to or went to HBCU's and our extremely proud of our heritage nor would we sellout our race for personal gain. We can't look at what a few have done and base an idea on the organization and its members off of ones own decisions..especially when its thousands of us; come on. Also i might add that D9 also provide many benefits to the black community and our HBCU's through our network. So again lets not discourage the idea of D9 but instead be proud of what many of our D9 have accomplished. Thank you and God Bless you YO! YO!

  8. the spirit of malcolm lives.

  9. nice blog... more importantly it was never a racial war to begin with it has always and will always be a war from rich on poor (slaves). the elite only used the color factor to distract the sheeple(people)from the truth because if all knew the truth we would uprise against the government and as history will prove the people will overturn the government.

  10. Wow! Still?? After all these years it is still the same old "poor me" routine? Blacks are where they are because of thinking just like this. That white people still "owe" something. And any black person that tries to move on and better themselves is somehow a sellout! This is a FREE country if you don't like it here leave! Go where ever you feel you are from or want to be. No one is stopping you. Go whine somewhere else and let the rest of us move on in peace.

  11. Your embarrassing spelling betrays your poor education, which explains your pathetic contempt for college educated black people.
    Your grip on history is very loose; your blog reads like it was written by someone that got all their information secondhand, instead of by diligent research. You have, ironically, done much more to erode the standing of our people than those you so desperately seek to denigrate could ever do. I suggest you actually make an attempt to READ about some of the history you have so badly represented in this shameful blog. The work of J A Rodgers is an excellent place to start.
    Unless you're one of those backwards, self defeating assholes that think educating yourself is something that only white people do.

    1. I couldn't have conveyed it better. His kind disgust me.

  12. I believe if most people take the information and decide for themselves they will see the truth, even if they chose to ignore what is in front of their faces. It has nothing to do with America being a free country. Simply a design that people before our time constructed. Why did blacks have to adhere to white culture when we had our own being forced into this country. Please don't forget the culture of frats and soros.

  13. what a load of black shit...we field Negroes keep it real my ass...so then why do you complain if being a field nigger is so real and glamorous and if you think class issues are about white and black please come to Africa (oh sorry ..you do not know where Africa is...geography education is for whites and house Negroes). Love them or hate them, Jews have also gone through really tough times but their reaction...education! education! education! because they know the pen is mightier than the sword! and see where they are now!

    1. It's unwise to just claim Jews used their education to get where they are today. Life is pretty easy when shit is handed to you. Besides, plenty of black Americans are educated, working professionals. We just had to actually earn what we have, instead of stealing and conniving for it.

  14. Gotta throw this in: Uncle Tom was actually the hero of the story: He kept his mouth shut under threat of death, Sambo was the real Uncle tom. The roles were reversed throughout history

  15. Most ignorant blog I've ever read in my whole entire 20 years on this earth. So in your words, education and the power of knowledge is vile for a black man to possess. But yet again, they moan at how broke they are, moan and complain about why some people are wealthy and they aren't; hate on others' success. You disgust me. People like you disgust me. You are what's wrong with the black community.

  16. Yes, "dark skinned" vs "light skinned" is still an issue brought up on tv and in music, daily. However, the cross-dressing and whore worshipping happens in every race! Ex: Brittany Spears and Robin Williams (in Ms.Doubtfire). The issues have long ago spread into every race here. It's an American thing, now. So be happy that it's not targeted...they're trying to drag us ALL to hell.

  17. House and field people come in all colors. Watch the series, "Downton Abbey". People of all skin colors feel the need to be superior to others in some way. Some feel they are smarter and better educated, some feel they work harder and thus are more useful, some feel they are more religious and are God's house negroes, and yes, some people even think the color of their skin somehow makes them superior. In Downton Abbey we see an example of how even the servants have no solidarity and want to have power over others. They keep each other "in line" by being a part of the system, to gain favor and more privileges from those higher up the chain of command.

    Do not be angry at people for having light skin, be angry at people for being people. All poor people know what it is like to be second class citizens and to be used and abused. Some join that system and become Uncle Toms and House Negroes and Kapos, and some fight the system, The Man, and stand up for fairness and equality for all people. Those of us who fight are few. Let us not be divided by the color of our skin.

    1. Excellent and accurate Picard! You have a very clear view.

  18. I agree with the GIST of this blog, BUT I hold reservations on classifying ALL the D9 members as such. My reasons for this is that this would be my adherence to the Willie lynch doctrine❗ Racism, even though tampered down somewhat(HIDDEN); still exists in America & around the world. Even pulling yourself up by your bootstraps w/EDUCATION, doesn't eradicate racism. Just look at the SUPREME COURT seats and rulings for THIS TRUTH⁉ ONLY knowledge of self, past & present; with continued use & taught to our youth, of CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS, is the tool that eliminates racism❗ Pride of heritage (knowing your self-worth) is the only weapon that will defeat and actively destroy any enemy/combatants! This is the only and most valuable ideal ANYONE NEEDS TO CLAIM AN EQUAL PLAYING FIELD OR PLACE @THE TABLE❗❗❗

  19. Willie Lynch letter information. http://manuampim.com/lynch_hoax3.pdf