07 January, 2011

Now is The Time.

Sometimes I gather so much information from research, introspection, and putting pieces together that it’s overwhelming.  Overwhelming for someone I explain my thoughts to and last but not least it’s overwhelming to me as well.  However, sometimes a feeling overtakes me as if I’m going to burst  if I keep everything to myself.  It is selfish to do so, so I share  – either verbally or on here.  I’m paying my dues.  I want people to know!  I’d like the world to know.  More importantly, I want my brothers and sisters to know.  We are living in end-times.  It doesn’t matter what distraction device you employ to divert your attention from the obvious.  All I’m saying is get ready people.  I’m not saying run-out to Walmart and stock-up on can goods or to build a shelter or anything.  I’m just saying, now is the time to dig deeper.  Now is the time to adjust attitudes.  Now is the time to start asking questions.  Now is the time to call people on their bullshit.  Now is the time to love yourself and to truly care for your fellow man.  When I say to care for your fellow man, I mean harbor no ill will toward anyone!  One thing I’ve found is sometimes people carry more than they can do anything with.  Let it go - - give those battles up to our creator.  Sometimes things do get heavy for me and I go back to hair…makeup..etc.  I just want to let you guys know that right now is the time.  A change is taking place in the world and within us…I know it.

Love and Blessings!


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