13 January, 2011

Letter To My Readers

Hello All,

With all I’ve mentioned on my blog I would be an idiot to ignore the dangers of thinking aloud on the internet. Sometimes you just have to say something and I have. I think my stance is clear. However, I realize anything I say can be taken the completely wrong way, I could be labeled as something I am not, or worst case scenario it could be used against me in some twisted fashion. People will only ever come to their own conclusions, as was the case with me in the past year. I won’t stop knowing what I know. I think there’s enough information on my site for anyone to do their own research.  I encourage people to research all things concerning life, prophesy, the Bible, the environment, Hollywood, and the music industry on their own. I realize that on my part, there is nothing left to say to anyone, but plenty left to show in hopes that someone can begin to recognize things on their own. I will use my eye to show you in pictures and I will make the extra effort not to be "preachy". Talking has deemed itself counterproductive in my life. There’s no way in the world I can talk enough to convey a thing that is of no interest to someone. It’s ok, and with much deep introspection I’m finally coming to a place where I am accepting those subtleties of the human mind /ego and what allows it to entertain some things and not others. I will attempt to let myself be as happy as our creator will allow me to be in such times.

Love and Blessings!


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