03 March, 2011

The Proverbial HATERS...

What a great time to be despised!  I know that I’m despised by my enemy as well as my own brothers and sisters. There’s so much going on in people’s heads that is completely false or convoluted.  I’m not saying I know everything because I do not.   I just  think it is sad to hate someone for going their own way, but for some reason I know this is something I must go through.  It’s really nothing new.  I never really fit anyway.  I think I understand the whole ‘black sheep’ thing now.  That is certainly me these days.  I sleep really well these days where as a year ago I did not.  I know everything’s going to be just fine.  I have something a lot of people don’t these days.  I do still have feelings obviously, but let em’ hate.

I had a long converastion with an old friend today.  Long story short she is a Puerto Rican/Italian Jehovah's Witness.  Although I'm not a JW I've never met a more balanced person in my life.  I've always had a lot of respect for her because she has a great deal of love for people, including the one's that have hurt her.  She almost always sees the big picture and has a funny story to illustrate her understanding.  Religious labels are non-sense, just as judging a person by their color is non-sense.  She is living proof of this.  There are cool and intelligent people sprinkled ever-so-lightly within each formidable label, just as there a MANY ignorant people within my own race.  I don't worry about the people that "get it" that are sprinkled-out there.  I worry more about the clueless and hardheaded people that don't have a good combination of heart and intelligence.  For what is one without the other??

Anyway, while I'm on the topic of judging, I wanted to say that all because someone has a differing opinion or outlook than someone else does not mean they are "judging" them.  I get sick of seeing that generic response of "Who are you to judge?"  all the time.  It's called THINKING and SPEAKING.  I have no power to judge anyone with, nor have I claimed 'so and so' is going to hell or anything.  What it is, is society has folks programmed to not think and just agree with anything or else shut-up.  Otherwise, you're "judging".  If you don't want someone to say anything to you, don't ask questions in a forum.  I'm sorry, I have my OWN opinion.  If you don't like it, then don't entertain it.

I am going to take a couple of steps back though...
I realize that little ol' me can't take on the world...or go around waking-up sleepwalkers.  That is up to The Most High,  I have my take on things or whatever...but yeah a few steps back to catch back up with myself...not a bad idea.

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