23 March, 2011

Judge Not: A BLONDE TATOOed Chris Brown Spazzes Out!

Story On Media Takeout
Some fine viewer comments:



Soooo let's see here. Charlie Sheen can: "accidentally" shoot ex-gf, beat 1st wife, beat 2nd wife, beat 3rd wife while holding a knife to her throat, hold a porn star hostage and trash a hotel room, buy suitcases of coke, wave a sword in public = selling out comedy tours and getting CBS to offer job back. Chris Brown: throws a chair and takes shirt off = jail. Ok I got it now. White = winning.


those questions about rhianna were set up... like how they did kanye about his mom and that george bush comment. shouldve jus played it cool. its time 4 chris to fight those demons off he dont need anger management he needs prayer!!!! the industry pays him but they def aint on his side.


to all you here on MTO judging this man without firsthand evidence. you are no better than the white judges and juries that wrongfully convict black men and women in court. You allow crap on MTO to serve as your evidence?

anonymous (I didn't care for his screen name)

That right there was a prime example of a MAMMY. I bet Robin would breast feed these devils baby if they would tell her to. I must admit he handled her, so there was no need for him throwing the chair in my opinion. And someone real needs to pull him to the side and school him that these devils will always bring that shyt up, so be prepared. He is making good off his talent while riri gotta look/act like a slut to get paid. Make it do what it do young playa and fucc these haters.

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