28 March, 2011

Letter My Readers: DENIAL Has Left The Building

Hey guys,

The tide has definitely begun to change in the past few years and I have been chosen and blessed by The Most High to be aware of this season at hand.  I have been blessed with the ability to see, hear, and show the truth to others.  Everyone and their mama is either scrambling right now, submerged in denial and lies, or hopefully completely in the know by now.  I'm looking for those who are also in the know.  I'm looking for them as a means of showing you that:

A.   if you're thinking in this same vein you are far from alone


B.   to show you that neither I, nor any of these other people of varying races and backgrounds,   are crazy

Secondly, I am seeking-out those who are seeking the truth and are willing to embrace the truth come what may.  Yes, there is a lot to know and yes, it hurts to know a lot of these things, BUT it is neccessary to shake off all of these lies.  Lies we knew deep down were lies from the jump!  Stop letting people lie to you!  Do not be afraid to be real about today's situation, because once you begin to understand what is going on...you will also understand that you will NEVER-ever be alone in this fight.  After that, there is nothing left to fear.  You only have a mission to fulfill...which is to ultimately to be real to yourself and be real to others.  Tell the truth, no more living in denial.

Time is running very short and I would be a fool to pussy-foot around these topics any longer.  If you don't believe in YAH the creator of all...I am afraid it may be too late for you.  There is no way at this point in time any person could present enough 'scientific' evidence to quail your skeptism.  The very system people are conditioned to rely on (the news, the church, science, politics, etc..) is the very system that is lying to them! This is my mission. 
My message is to the lost sheep of Israel.

For those trolls, racists, heathens and haters of all things good and of The Most High.  I rebuke you and I have no fear of you whatsoever.  You can resort to anger, name-calling, or whatever you want.  You can't scare me and I'm gonna do what I was called to do regardless of what you have to say about me or anyone else that speaks the truth.  I hope you know this reign of evil is at it's tail-end.  Yahushua is coming back to cleanhouse and ALL of your hate, lies, and idols will be a stubble under OUR feet.

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