17 July, 2010

Protein Treatment!

After having found a few hairs on my hand after distributing my conditioners. I decided maybe it's time for a protein treatment of some kind. Apparently I do not have coarse hair as I'd once believed. I thought I did but I don't. Turns-out my chemically unaltered hair is very fine. I just have a lot of hair in density. It's also brought me to the conclusion that this journey is going to be a little harder than I'd expected. Now I'm more worried about length retention -- especially when I get to a point where I'm actually styling my hair more.
Since I'm not yet to that point in my journey I've decided to start feeling my way through this situation while my hair is still short.

I did a protein treatment with an egg and a cheapy conditioner for 20 minutes yesterday (didn't have time to finish) and 15 minutes today. Right now I'm trying to balance that with a deep condition (2 hours). I want my hair soft, but I also want it strong. No wonder it's been so fluffy :(
It needed some protein. I'll edit this post later with my results.

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