26 July, 2010

Hermit Mode.

Sometimes I wonder if something about me just screams to be led or something...

I think it's so weird because I'm not a follower. I may be reserved when I want to be, I may be honest to a fault, and I may be non-judgmental at present time -- but I've never understood why people desire to lead me so damn much.

It's crazy that when a person isn't available for me, I just get over it. For some reason when I am not available to others they blow a gasket! Why is this?? This goes for friends, family, co-workers, and boyfriends etc..

It just doesn't make any sense to me. That's why I try to keep my life simple. I've pretty much come to terms with how people see me in that way..but that doesn't make it any less draining on me. It forces me to let people fall by the wayside because the upkeep is too demanding. I am only one person. Here I am trying to renew friendships and they end-up burdening me before it can completely blossom again. Sometimes it's just better to be alone.

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