31 August, 2011

Zion train is coming OUR way!

Israelites AWAKEN !

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  1. Beware of Black coons trying to divide Israel ( LATINOS, Non- demonic Blacks, and Natives). One coon here says that ethnicity of Latinos, and Mexicans goes back only few hundred years. Yes, if you are an ignorant black coon, you can also believe earth is seven days old. Adam was made from RED EARTH, and Jasper is color of Creator, while burnished brass is color of messiah. While original Jews where what today would be called Black..by the demonic Anglo German, they werresult if migratione more akin in color to Red Africans ( see google images). The pyramids in Americas are result of migration by Israelites.
    Hence those Latinos with native on fathers side are most definitely Israelites. Who runs modern Babylon? The Anglo Germ-man TERRORIST SATANISTS. And Yes, the fake Jews are also Anglo German.

    All present evil in this world stems from Anglo Germans...by their own admission: children of Satan. But..don't forget the evil blacks...they seek to sow discord and make idiotic claims that modern Israelites are only black. As if there has been no intermarrying since beginning of time. Those coons dividing Israel.. Should be TAKEN CARE OF.