23 February, 2011

Words of Wisdom: The Message (Bob Marley's Lyrics)

I think it is important to note that all of my heroes are deceased.  All future heroes have yet to be proved.  Bob Marley always said he used music as a vehicle to transport a message to the children of Jah (Yah).  He always said it was of utmost importance to understand the lyrics.  He also said he was aware that some people "got it" and some didn't.  It is no shock that for the most part America has reduced the enduring messages in the music to getting stoned and having a good time.  This is error.  When you begin to really listen to what he's saying -- you begin to understand why he is no longer with us.  Thanks to his efforts, the newly awakened are able to learn their history, celebrate that promise made to us by our creator, unveil the tricks of the wicked, and most importantly spread the news!

Words of Wisdom Link

* this site has broken down the lyrics to biblical reference

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